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Of course, the Internet has helped many people around the world to communicate with each other, and it greatly affected the trade of cultural exchange and knowledge and commercial Yes Trade is and online shopping has become a large part of the interest of many in our Arab countries and the world, and after the emergence of a huge shopping sites were able to provides shopping services upscale and charging methods quick and easy, and ways and means of different payment whether credit card or by cash on delivery, market online and broad market and huge, and the ratio of competition in the large course, the impact on the price of products sold through it and make them cheaper than in normal market also provided to many much trouble they face in the past, when we talk about online shopping you should refer to the reports and statistics that showed tremendous growth in shopping ratio and online shoppers in the Arab world and the Middle East and highlighted in the report issued by the “Effective Measure” e-marketing research firm in 2011, which showed the proportion of shoppers in the Arab world and the United Arab Emirates, which come in the forefront as the number of online shoppers in the UAE only about 1.8 million users, forming about 47.5% of the total 3.8 million users, registering Emirates highest rate of online shopping in the Middle East, and this evolution and growth did not come from a vacuum after the emergence of a major shopping sites Arab has become a shopping special taste and is my “VOGACLOSET” This British site, which offers a great selection of  Clothes and accessories for men and women offers services in the UAE and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and “Namshi” for shopping and on the sale of clothing online from and which is one of the most prominent of these sites is considered one of the first specialized shopping sites in the sale of clothing and accessories and shoes of the Arab Gulf region and who could in a short time to change Map shopping in the UAE and the GCC countries and comes as a result of the benefits that could be provided to users in the Arab countries, which remind detail in the following analysis

About Store

Store name: Namshi
Specialization: Fashion & Accessories
Languages Known: Arabic / English
Location: United Arab Emirates
The headquarters of the administration on the map: Dubai Media City Building 10, Suite 213 Dubai,

Achievements inevitably offset by successes and successes inevitably offset by appreciation and respect

Equation says that every real effort behind it a real success in 2012 was able to site “Namshi” that gets the award “the first retail store in 2012,” during the ceremony, awards retailer in Asia. As a result of the leading role he was also able to get the title of “flagship store in retail.” In a special summit to retail trade.

Advantages offered by walking you should see it now

  • means of convenient and safe to pay
  • Daily offers and discounts are not interrupted
  • Possibility of obtaining discount coupons from time to time
  • Guarantee you a security system and to protect your information and your payment information is fully
  • Fast shipping and free to the UAE and (GCC)
  • Schedules sophisticated measurements can save you a lot of time
  • Available replacement and Returns for free within 14 days
  • A group of the world’s famous brands and other brands of others are available in normal market
  • Customers quick support service

Shipping and replacement and return

  • Shipping and Delivery: Free for all GCC countries
  • Shipping time in UAE: from 1 to 6 days
  • Shipping time for the rest of the GCC countries: from 6 to 9 days
  • replacement and return : Free within 14 days of the date of receipt

Payment Methods

  • Cash on delivery
  • Payment via PayPal
  • Payment via credit cards Visa and Mastercard

Products of your dreams is now at your fingertips

  • Clothing & footwear and children’s accessories for girls and boys
  • Clothing & Accessories, Shoes & Women’s belongings
  • Clothing & Shoes & Men’s accessories
  • Clothes, bags and shoes and sports jerseys for men and women
  • Underwear & Nightwear and Women’s Pajamas
  • Jewelry & Watches & Sunglasses Women and Men
  • Arabic and folkloric clothing for women and men
  • Clothing & Abaya and dresses and kaftans for veiled
  • Clothes large sizes large for the body
  • Summer and winter clothing for women and men
  • Pants & Tshirts and slippers Men and Women
  • Beachwear Women and Men

Luxury brands and the most popular in the world in one place

Luxury brands, DKNY, adidas, Calvin Klein, COCO, Puma

  • Adidas
  • Puma
  • Hugo Boss
  • DKNY
  • Timberland
  • !Solid
  • Police
  • Polo Ralph Lauren
  • Jack & Jones
  • lacoste

Clothing & footwear and women's accessories and men's and children for sale cheap Emirates


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